City Street

The activity in mid town Manhattan can be very energizing.

14 x 18

Original Oil Painting

The Tallest Building

The New York skyline is a collection of shapes that inspired me to paint a more abstract design.

16 x 20

Original Oil Painting

The Guard

Doesn’t this guard dog look ferocious?

7 x 9

Original Oil Painting

The Painter

A plein air painter inspired me and I’ve done variations of her at the French easel.

6 x 8

Original Oil Painting

Misty Day

Fog and mist cover this hillside town, a fairy tale setting created from imagination.

8 x 6

Original Oil Painting

Shopping Day

This little girl in her blue wool coat was shopping along Madison Avenue and she had such a classic look but I painted the scene in a flatter more graphic style.

14 x 11

Original Oil Painting

Rainy Day

The pattern of umbrellas interested me on this rainy day in Austria and what was in the red bag?

8 x 8

Original Oil Painting

Golden Calla

Our customers in my florist are often surprised to see a calla in colors other than the classic white.

4 x 4

Original Oil Painting

Country Road

The fall  foliage in Granbury caught my eye and I wondered where this winding trail  was leading.

10 x 8

Original Oil Painting

Sparkling Branches

This painting was taken from a setting on Texas ranch-land.

10 x 8

Original Oil Painting